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A message from Mrs Crichton

Message From Mrs Crichton

Children returning to school on Monday 15th June. (Nursery, Foundation and Year 1)

Information for Parents

Dear Parents/Carers
Protective steps the school has taken to reduce the risk to your child:

1. We have reduced class sizes to a maximum of 15 children
2. We have created ‘bubbles’ to restrict movement of children and adults
3. We have a put in place a thorough handwashing timetable
4. We have arranged a deep cleaning programme
5. We have provided children with their own resources
6. We have asked that anybody with symptoms not come to school and to be tested
7. We have created a sick-bay room for anybody who develops symptoms at school
8. We have installed additional hand washing facilities
9. We have separated entrance and exit points and different start and finish times to keep children and staff apart
10. We have relocated EYFS and Year 1 classes to different areas of the school


• Please ensure your child wears fresh clothes every day, they do not need to wear school uniform
• All children must bring in their own water bottle which is clearly labelled with their name.
• Do not send your children in with any bags or toys. They should only attend school with their water bottle, snack and packed lunch in a disposable bag.
• For F2 and Year 1, please encourage your child to have a school dinner every day. If you are sending in a packed lunch, please make sure it is in a disposable bag.
• School risk assessment will be available to all parents and they will be notified of any major updates; this will be available on the school website.
• Parents and carers are not allowed in school unless this is essential and a meeting has been booked in advance.
• Only one parent should collect and drop off their child(ren).
• Keep your 2 metre distance from other parents and children.
• On arrival at school, you will be asked to line up in a designated area. These are:

-F1 = Red Zone playground-opposite office

-F2 = Outside Mrs Johnson’s Room-main playground

-Y1 = Outside Year 3/4 new building.

-From 29th June- Y6 = children will go directly through the glass tunnel to the small hall/ large hall. Member of staff will be present to guide children in.

-Keyworker/ Vulnerable Group = to go straight into Mrs Johnson’s Room to be met by member of staff.

-Hub children to go straight into the Hub mobile