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World War Two
Year 6 had a fabulous day at Beaumanor Hall.  They took part in a variety of activities to further their knowledge of the historical concepts of World War Two.  They experienced a typical school from the time period where the desks were all individual, here they created their identity cards and wrote a pretend postcard home after evacuation.  They visited a shop and had to purchase items for a menu using their ratio books.
In Morse Cottages, which are an original WWII camouflaged radio building, the children recreate the original purpose of Beaumanor during WWII by listening for secret codes over real radio frequencies.  The second part of this activity involved decoding the messages that came through, as would have happened at places like Bletchley Park.
They took part in an air-raid going to a replica public shelter in the depths of the basement at Beaumanor Hall. Children experienced what it would have been like during an air-raid developing a sense of empathy with children who had to live through these as part of everyday life.

Some children created Anderson Shelters (in the style of) . Listening to and following instruction, persevering when things were difficult and supporting each other. They looked fantastic and the children were very proud of them.  Well done all.

Science – light
Shadow size and distance experiment. Children had to take accurate measurements, make careful observations and work as a team.  Making periscopes allowed the children to see how by putting mirrors at the correct angle they were able to see over things when they were underneath.
This week , we have been making Firework in a bottle using warm water, oil and food colouring and then firework pictures using pastels.
We also made Arm pit fudge – it was great fun and tasted delicious.