At Marriott Primary School computing and technology are central to helping our pupils learn and develop. We use iPads, laptops, video, animation and exciting new ICT hardware to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum. Children are encouraged to use computing to aid their learning both in school and at home.

Technology is advancing rapidly and we are focused on giving our pupils the skills they need to communicate their ideas. This includes learning about coding, creative technology use, digital literacy and gaining confidence in using a wide range of computer programs.

Pupils are confident using a variety of apps and are really developing their coding skills.

We have a good variety installed on our school iPads, including:

Bee-Bot • Daisy the Dinosaur • iMovie • Lightbot • Cargo-Bot • Hopscotch

We also want Marriott pupils to be safe when using technology so we regularly discuss e-safety with our classes.

Every term each class has 2 dedicated session on Digital Literacy and E safety.

Social Media: Being ‘Share Aware’

In real life we always encourage children to share, but online it’s different. These days children can use social networks to:

  • Share photos
  • Message each other
  • Meet new people and talk to strangers
  • Make video and voice calls

You have probably heard of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, some of the most popular social networks, but whatever is popular changes all the time and it can be hard to keep up.

Please look in the Parents section to help you stay safe online.

Year 1 computing skills

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Year 4 computing


Year 5 computing



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