PE Curriculum

Marriott Physical Education Progression of Skills to Match PE Curriculum

Here are some ideas for you to support your child’s physical education (PE) at home

  • Enjoy running? Why don’t you try Aylestone Junior Park Run! It is on every Sunday at 9am. Aylestone Recreation Ground, Saffron Lane, Leicester LE2 7ND
  • Want to keep fit at homeJoe Wicks is a brilliant example and on his Youtube channel there are many work out videos designed for children and parents to do. Another option is Jumpstart Jonny who normally does his workouts to popular songs. Andy’s Wild Workouts are aimed at younger children in families and created by the CBeebies, meaning they are shorter and less formal than Joe Wicks.
  • Fancy a Dance? Just Dance is a really good way or having fun doing dances at home and you do not need as a games console as most of the dances are on Youtube. There is lots of variety including popular songs, songs from films and songs from games. There are many groups like Zumba Kids, which have lots of routines and lessons, aimed at kids,   for others to learn and copy. Koo Koo Kanga Roo have a set of less serious dance routines aimed at younger pupils and those who might not do traditional dances

Here are some more websites with great ideas to keep you active at home:

  • The Daily Mile website have lots of challenges for children and families to do to maintain fitness and good health
  • CBBC Supermovers has lots of active ways to make learning fun in a range of subjects outside of PE.
  • Cosmic yoga to help children with mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Healthy Movers programme has lots of activities created by the Youth Sport Trust.
  • Change4Life has lots of indoor and outdoor activities for kids and adults to do 60 minutes of exercise a day.
  • Master the minute challenges- 14 1 minute challenges for children of all ages to try and improve at.
  • Personal challenges has several videos of challenges made by children for children.
  • Indoor games has a variety of videos of different indoor games that can be played at home.
  • Imoves focuses on activities to help with social and emotional wellbeing
  • Fun PE activities to do with children.

Year 1 Knowledge Organisers

Year 1 - Challenge Activities
Year 1 - New Age Kurling
Year 1 - Striking and Fielding

Year 2 Knowledge Organisers

Year 2 - Challenge Activities
Year 2 - New Age Kurling
Year 2 - Striking and Fielding

Year 3 Knowledge Organisers

Year 3 - Cricket
Year 3 - Gymnastics
Year 3 - Orienteering

Year 4 Knowledge Organisers

Year 4 - Cricket
Year 4 - Gymnastics.
Year 4 - Hockey

Year 5 Knowledge Organisers

Year 5 - Gymnastics
Year 5 - Orienteering SEND
Year 5 - Orienteering

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser

Year 6 - Gymnastics
Year 6 - Team Building