Primary School

Achieving Together

Forest School

Spring Term - Year 5

Week 6 

We have become huge whittling fans. It is amazing what you can do with a potato peeler. We had a look in the pond and we were really disappointed to not find any tadpoles :( 

Alham was brave this week and climbed the tree she had been wanting to climb since week 1.


Week 5

This week was all about the Limbo! We also made mini worlds, built shelters and more whittling.

Week 4

This week we made some shelters and learnt how to whittle. As a reward for our whittling we had toasted marshmallows and starbursts. 


Week 3

Most of the group were out on a sporting trip this week so we enjoyed the snow :). we also made bird feeders.We also broke up the ice a bit so there was water to drink for the wildlife.


Week 2

We had a great time "chitting" the potatoes. In 2 weeks time they should be ready for planting.

After a bit of gardening and building shelters we sat down and had a lovely cup of hot chocolate.



Week 1

This is our first session so we did some team building. The challenge was to make the tallest free standing structure.


We did a little bit of ground maintenance and then the fun began.


Autumn Term

Year 4 had a few sessions up in the new Forest School area. The area is not fully functioning yet but that didn't stop everyone from  having a bit of fun.