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Chair of Governors 

My name is Steve Wilson and I am a retired Police Officer.  I am the Chair of Governors and my role is to assist the Governing Body in carrying out its duties.  I have served on Marriott’s Governing Body since 1 September 2015.

I have previously served as Vice-Chair on the Governing Body of Merrydale Junior School and as Chair for Medway Primary School.  I am a member of the Leicester City School’s Forum Panel and Chairman of Leicestershire MS Therapy Centre.

School is a vital part of a child’s development  for learning and developing the skills which will equip them for the rest of their lives. All children need to be nurtured and encouraged to reach their full potential, I believe that with Ms Neill & Mrs Tucker ‘s leadership and their dedicated team of staff, with the support of parents and carers, can make this achievable for the children.

The school is very community-orientated and it has an extremely committed team of staff who are passionate about raising standards and outcomes for all the children.  As part of the Governing body I look forward to working with you all to continue the progress the school is making to achieve outcomes for all children.

Please feel free to contact me via the school office.

The Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of parents and carers of children at the school, Local Authority representatives and others who have an interest in the school. The governors are responsible for the clarity of vision of the school, the ethos and the strategic direction. The head teacher is responsible for the day to day running and management of the school. The governors hold the head teacher to account in areas such as the educational performance of the pupils and school, the performance management of the staff and the financial performance of the school ensuring that our money is well spent. We try to have governors who have skills that enable us to do so. Governors also receive training to help them carry out their role.

As part of the governing body team, a governor is expected to.

1. Contribute to the strategic discussions at governing body meetings which determine:

  • the vision and ethos of the school;
  • clear and ambitious strategic priorities and targets for the school;
  • that all children, including those with special educational needs, have access to a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • the school’s budget, including the expenditure of the pupil premium allocation;
  • the school’s staffing structure and key staffing policies;
  • the principles to be used by school leaders to set other school policies.

2. Hold the senior leaders to account by monitoring the school’s performance; this includes:

  • agreeing the outcomes from the school’s self-evaluation and ensuring they are used to inform the priorities in the school development plan;
  • considering all relevant data and feedback provided on request by school leaders and external sources on all aspects of school performance;
  • asking challenging questions of school leaders;
  • ensuring senior leaders have arranged for the required audits to be carried out and receiving the results of those audits;
  • ensuring senior leaders have developed the required policies and procedures and the school is operating effectively according to those policies;
  • acting as a link governor on a specific issue, making relevant enquiries of the relevant staff, and reporting to the governing body on the progress on the relevant school priority; and  listening to and reporting to the school’s stakeholders : pupils, parents, staff, and the wider community, including local employers.

3. Ensure the school staff have the resources and support they require to do their jobs well, including the necessary expertise on business management, external advice where necessary, effective appraisal and CPD (Continuing Professional Development), and suitable premises, and that the way in which those resources are used has impact.

4. When required, serve on panels of governors to:

  • appoint the headteacher and other senior leaders;
  • appraise the headteacher;
  • set the headteacher’s pay and agree the pay recommendations for other staff;
  • hear the second stage of staff grievances and disciplinary matters;
  • hear appeals about pupil exclusions.

Governors have a key role in raising and maintaining standards in school:

The day to day management of the school lies with the Headteacher. The Governing Body is responsible for working with the leaders in school to ensure there is a longer term view for school improvement. Our Governing Body has assigned  Governors to  specific curriculum areas, aspects or subjects.There are a number of ways that monitoring can take place:

  • Observing lessons (with other staff so it can be discussed afterwards?).
  • Meeting with subject leaders and teachers.
  • Analysing relevant exam or test results (attainment).
  • Analysing and discussing the progress pupils make from their starting points (achievement).

Ensuring accountability.

The Governing Body undertake the Performance Management of the Head teacher. This is normally allocated to three Governors who carry out a review in the autumn term (beginning of the academic year) often with external professional support. An over-view is reported to the full Governing Body.

The Headteacher’s Report to Governors is a termly agenda item and will follow a set format. It is an opportunity for Governors to then seek clarification, offer challenge and refer information in the report to the School Development Plan. The report contains information on school developments; any staffing changes; assessment procedures, test and exam results; records of bullying and any safeguarding issues.The School Development Plan is used to monitor developments and ensure actions are carried out on schedule. This is referred to regularly in Governing Body meetings.

A sub-committee will have an over-view of finances, monitoring and checking the budget and allocation of funds. and will report to the full Governing Body.

Governors are encouraged to visit the school to monitor the work that goes on, normally with a focus on specific issues linked to school improvement using data produced by the school and from the government to compare attainment and achievement against national standards.

The Governing Body are always looking for methods of communication with parents/carers by sharing information about our work and respond to their concerns or ideas so far we have used:

  • Governing Body page on the school website
  • Governor presence at events such as parental consultation evenings, fetes, school productions, sporting events and assemblies.

Your opinion counts!

We  really would like to hear your views so please use the Parent View which you can find here

Register of Business Interests

NameAppointment RouteTerms of OfficeArea of ResponsibilityBusiness & Pecuniary InterestsOther Educational Establishments GovernedRelationships with School Staff Including Spouses, Partners and Relatives
Mr Stephen WilsonCo-opted01/09/2023 - 31/08/2027Chair of Governors
HT Performance Management
Pay Committee
Finance Committee
Health & Safety
SMSC/PSHE/British Values
School Website
Sports Premium
Health & Safety
Chairman of MS Therapy CentreMember of the Schools’ Forum.None
Mrs Jennifer BarrettCo-opted09/11/2021 - 08/11/2025Vice Chair of Governors
HT Performance Management
Pay Committee
Finance Committee
Teaching & Learning
Mr Simon AldisCo-opted13/10/2020 - 12/10/2024Finance Committee
Mrs Elly CutkelvinAuthority Governor12/09/2023 - 11/09/2027Pupil Premium
Teaching & Learning
Saffron Ward Councillor
Chair of Scrutiny Committee
Fullhurst Community College
New College Leicester
Mrs Janet GelsthorpeCopted Governor27/09/2023 - 26/09/2027NoneNoneNoneNone
Ms Ruth NeillCo-Headteachern/aCo-Headteacher
Mr Steve PowerCo-opted05/12/2023 - 04/12/2027NoneNoneNoneHusband of the employee at the school
Mrs Hazel TuckerCo-Headteachern/aCo-Headteacher/Deputy
Mrs Sally HollierStaff Governor27/09/2023 - 26/09/2027NoneNoneNone
Mrs Radhika BhogaitaCo-opted Governor27/09/2023 - 26/09/2027NoneNoneNone
Mr Mohit SharmaParent Governor20/09/2022 - 19/09/2026EALDirector of Croft Hotel.
Director of Des Raj Ltd
Interest in Electric Station Limited

Governing Body Attendance Details

27/09/202324/10/2023 (Finance)22/11/202314/02/20248/05/2024 (Finance)
Mr S WilsonChair of GovernorsAbsent
Mrs J BarrettVice ChairAbsentAbsent
Mrs S HollierStaff Governor
Mr S AldisCo-opted GovernorAbsent
Cllr E CutkelvinAuthority GovernorAbsent
Ms R NeillCo-Headteacher
Mrs H TuckerCo-HeadteacherAbsent
Mrs J GelsthorpeCo-opted Governor
Mr S PowerCo-opted Governor
Mrs R BhogaitaCo-opted GovernorAbsent
Mr M SharmaParent GovernorAbsentAbsent
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Finance Committee Terms of Reference and bench marking

1. Introduction

These Terms of Reference provide the operational framework for the Finance Committee of Marriott Primary School.  The main function of the Finance Committee is to advise the Headteacher on general financial matters relating to the school.

2. Membership

The Finance Committee consist of up to five governors, including the Headteacher, determined by the Governing Body. A Finance Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Committee.  Staff employed at the school are not eligible to stand.  The Finance Committee may at any time co-opt members with a particular expertise, i.e. the school’s Business Manager / Office Manager.  Only appointed Governors are allowed to vote on matters.  The quorum for a meeting of the Finance Committee shall be three members.

Current members are Mr S Wilson, Mrs J Barrett, Mr S Aldis, , Ms R Neill and Miss D Whitfield.

3. Meetings

The meetings of the Finance Committee shall be at least once a term.  The agenda for the meetings will be organised by the Chair of the Finance Committee in consultation with the Headteacher, Chair of Governors and Business Manager and will be agreed at least seven days before the meeting, wherever possible.  The Finance Committee may convene additional meetings.  If there is an equality of votes on any issue, the Chair may have a second and casting vote.

The specific tasks of the Finance Committee are:

  • the declaration of any Pecuniary Interests;
  • to submit a budget for the forthcoming year to be agreed by the full Governing Body;
  • to review Terms of Reference;
  • to agree a plan of meetings for the forthcoming year;
  • to prepare a financial budget in accordance with principles set by Governing Body and information received from the Local Authority;
  • to review and amend financial policies on a yearly basis, then submit to the full Governing Body for agreement.

See also Section 5 – Responsibilities

 4. Minutes

Attendance and records of the meetings shall be kept.  The meeting will be minuted by the Clerk to Governing Body.  Minutes will be circulated to the Finance Committee as soon as possible after the meeting.  Minutes shall be presented to the next meeting of the full Governing Body.

5. Responsibilities

The Finance Committee has delegated responsibility for the budget and powers from the full Governing Body within the following framework:

  • not to exceed the grand total of the approved annual budget and to report to the Governing Body if there is a possibility of an overspend;
  • not to incur recurrent expenditure that will affect subsequent years without prior approval of the whole Governing Body.

The Finance Committee’s responsibilities are to work with the Headteacher to:

  • plan the expenditure for the whole financial year and obtain approval of the whole Governing Body;
  • delegate the responsibility for daily management and monitoring of the budget to the Headteacher;
  • To review annually, with the Headteacher, the staffing structure and salaries for the predicted annual financial budget and ensure sufficient funds are available for pay increments recommended by the Headteacher;
  • review annually the school’s financial management control procedures and make recommendations to the full Governing Body on the school’s Charging Policy;
  • ensure the proper use of the school’s budget in order to support the delivery of the National Curriculum to every child in the school;
  • provide regular and accurate records of expenditure and income;
  • monitor throughout the financial year all expenditure and compare it to the planned budget;
  • consider the financial out turn figures for the previous financial year and their implications for immediate and longer term financial planning;
  • work with other committees of the school and to ensure the full Governing Body receives relevant information;
  • be satisfied that the school’s banking arrangements including on line arrangements are audited correctly.

6. Review

The existence, its membership, Chair and Terms of Reference of the Finance Committee shall be reviewed annually by the full Governing Body.

Financial Benchmarking

There are 0 school employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

Marriott Primary School Financial Benchmarking