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Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Marriott Primary School is a ‘Knowledge Transfer Centre’ who works closely with the Literacy consultant Ann Smallberger, to ensure staff are fully trained, confident and able to share good practice in early reading and phonics.

KS1 have daily, whole class phonics lessons and gain confidence from the familiar structure and mantras used. These lessons help children to develop their phonological awareness as well as their segmenting and blending skills. There is also an emphasis on applying their phonics knowledge and skills to written work which has had a positive impact on motivation and confidence to write.

Children in Year 1 start by revising Phase 3 phonics and then quickly move on to learning Phase 4 and part of Phase 5. Children in Year 2 complete Phase 5 and then move on to learning a wide range of spelling rules. The different phases of phonics, which start in Foundation Stage One, are described below:

    • Phase 1: Everyday sounds, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration and oral segmenting and blending.
    • Phase 2: Single sounds and how to read and write them in words.
    • Phase 3: Simple digraph and trigraph sounds (e.g. oo, er, ear and igh) and how to apply these to words and sentences.
    • Phase 4: Adjacent consonants (e.g. fl, pr, cr and st) and how to apply these to words and sentences.
    • Phase 5: Alternative digraph and trigraph sounds (e.g. ie, ph, oe and ai) and how to apply these to words and sentences.