Parents’ Questionnaire

Thank you so much to the many parents and carers who gave up their time to complete the Parents’ Questionnaire at the end of December. Your responses are so positive and I was delighted to read that 96% of the returned questionnaires said the school was a warm and welcoming place!

Your continued support is appreciated by all the staff at Marriott. This is your school and we want it to be the very best it can be.

At Marriott we value your opinion and want to know how well you think we are doing in keeping your children safe and helping them to achieve their full potential.

Your responses to our questionnaire enable us to review the ways we do things and to add your voice to our school development plan. Please read below our plans to make the school an even better place for you and your children.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Crichton

Our Responses to the Parents’ Questionnaire


We are currently working on a new Homework Policy and will be letting parents know about our plans really soon. A number of parents asked for more homework and a number asked for less so we will try to come to an arrangement where we can support all parents. We would like you to listen to your child read at least three times a week, support with spelling and timetables practise. This will help them to make good progress in all subjects.

Clubs and After School Care

We would like all children to have the opportunity to attend at least one club. It is not always possible for children to attend more than one club but we will try. A number of parents asked for more clubs for Key Stage 1 and Foundation. We are now running a dance club, cooking club and arts and crafts club for this age. If you can think of another club please let us know. We have now established an after school care for working parents and children attending clubs are able to go to this once their clubs are finished. There is a charge for this and if you are interested please speak to the office for more information.

Healthy Eating

Only 86% of parents felt we were helping and encouraging their children to eat and drink healthy things. This is an important area that we need to address and we have added actions to our school development plan. We need parents to support us by only sending healthy snacks and water for break-times. We have sent home ideas for healthy packed lunches and to restrict the number of sugary items in lunch boxes. The school dinners are tasty and have been checked to ensure that they are also very healthy. If your child is in Foundation or Yr1 and 2 school meals are free. If you are on certain benefits they are also free in all other classes. We have added lots of information on healthy eating to our school website. At our parents evening we had a representative from Food Matters to offer advice to parents. Our school nurse is happy to offer advice on healthy diets. Our school curriculum looks at healthy eating in great detail but we need to do even more with the children to help them make healthy choices.

Seeking Parents Opinions

We really want to hear your views and ideas. We have installed a suggestion box outside the main building and hope you will feel able to write your thoughts and suggestions down and post them in the box. You can also email the school office if you wish. We want you to be involved in the life of the school and would encourage you to join our Parents Association. They are very supportive and help organise events throughout the year. Please see the office for more details.

Being Kept Informed of my Child’s Progress

We want all parents to attend parents evening and other meetings during the year. But at anytime if you are concerned about your child’s progress we encourage you to make an appointment with the class teacher or a senior leader. We are linking attendance to progress and will be inviting parents to meetings to help them support their child’s attendance and improve their educational progress.