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Walking Bus

Walking Bus


In an effort to raise attendance and to reduce lateness in our school we have set up a ‘Walking Bus’


The scheme is an ideal way to increase the amount of exercise your child gets, help them develop essential pedestrian skills for later life and they have the opportunity to join the School’s Breakfast Club.  A healthy and fun way to start the morning.


The children walk to school as a group, using an agreed route; under the supervision of at least three members of staff and the children follow certain rules (please see attached). There are places along the way where children can join the ‘bus.’   It operates every school day, whatever the weather!




7.10am            Grace Road corner (Sign Windows)

7.15am            Corner of Arnseby Crescent

7.20am            Corner of Grace Rd/Lansdowne Road

7.20am            Asplin Corner (Southfields Drive)

7.35am           Corner of Heathcott Road

7.40am           Heathcott Road/Neston

7.45am           The Fairway Shop

7.50am           The Crossway/corner Helmsley Road

7.55am           Broughton Road/Northend Close corner

8.00am           Arrive at Marriott Primary School and join the Breakfast Club


If you would like your child to join the ‘Walking Bus’ then please speak to the office staff.





                        THE WALKING BUS RULES







  1. Arrive at the meeting point on time!


  1. Wear a high-visible jacket.


  1. Walk in pairs


  1. Wear sensible shoes.


  1. Stay behind the ‘Driver’ and in front of the ‘Conductor’ at all times.


  1. Cross over the roads when the ‘Conductor’ says it is safe to do so.


  1. When crossing the road stay in pairs; listen, look left, look right.



**Bad behavior will not be tolerated neither will the use of bad language.**



Walk, walk with a bus
Join us every day 
Be happy and safe 
And make new friends 
Be part of our new way