Primary School

Achieving Together

Week Two

Each week Miss Bates will be setting challenges for you to have a go at home.

These challenges can be done either independently or as a family.  

Please share your achievements with us by emailing them through to

Good luck all smiley

1. Supporting the 'Cheerful Window Campaign!'

The campaign is supporting and maintaining morale of children and their families in these difficult times. 

Families are coming together by creating a rainbow and sticking it up. These are making people smile if spotted in a window as we are bringing the world together. 


We want you to create a picture of a rainbow.

We want you to be as creative as possible - you could use coloured pencils. paint, tissue paper or glitter. 

Once your rainbow is ready stick it up in your window for everyone to see. 

Make sure you take a picture of you with the rainbow and send it through to


We are all in this together!

2. Have an indoor picnic 

Gather some blankets, towels and cushions. Lay them down on the floor 

Arrange for others to join the picnic whether this is family or toys. 

Put your food and drink on top of the blankets. 

Have lots of fun!

3. Eye Spy with my little eye

Go out into the garden and find things that begin with the letters; 

f, b, g, t and p

Can you find an object that begins with each of the letters? 

Can you find more than one object for some letters? 

Let us know what you spy!

4. Play a board game 

Find out a board game from around the home. 

Invite somebody from home to play the game with you. 

Make sure when you play the game you take it in turns and follow the rules. 

Remember it is taking part that really counts. 

Nature Walk 

The latest Covid 19 guidelines allows us to leave the house once daily for exercise. 

Go for a small walk (lasting 5 - 10 minutes). 

During this time you must make sure you are keeping at least two meters distance from people not living in the same household. You can not stop and chat with others from the area. 

During your walk how many rainbow pictures can you spot? 

Your challenge is to collect as many stones (medium to large size) as you see. 

How many did you find 0 - 5, 6 - 10 or 10+? 

You can then use your stones to decorate with pictures and patterns.