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Year 5

Marriott Reading Challenge 2020

While you are at home it is essential to keep up with your reading.  Here are some fun activities you can do over the period.  Put these in your work book.  How many can you tick off?

  • Draw a picture of a character from the book you have.  Write some noun phrases to tell me all about them.
  • Write a blurb for a book you have just finished.  You will find examples of this on the back of your book.
  • Do a review of the book you have just read.  Rate it out of five and say why.
  • Write a description of one of the characters in your book.  Make sure it is very descriptive so we can guess who it is!
  • Find five new words in your book that you haven’t seen before and then find out what they mean.  Record this in your work book.
  • Write a sequel to the story you have just read.  What happens to the characters?  What is their next adventure?
  • Write a prequel to the story you have just finished.  What was happening before that story was told?
  • Make part of your story into a comic strip.
  • Write a quiz for your book (or one of the chapters for longer books) and see if anyone can find the correct answers…
  • Learn and write five facts about the author. You can often find these at the start or end of the book!

Writing Competition

Are you a budding author?  Can you tell a ripping yarn?  Now is your chance to prove you’re you’ve got what it takes.


Marriott are having a story writing competition.  All you need to do is choose any topic and write a short story, or part of a story.  Your entry should be no longer than two sides of paper.


When all stories have been handed in they will be judged with the winners from each phase receiving a prize.


Good luck!

Great websites for Year 5

Why not try out some of these fabulous websites to keep your skills in tip top condition…



Hit the button: a great game where you can practise times tables, number bonds and much more.

Daily 10 Mental Maths Challenge: choose the level and test your skills against the clock

Connect 4 factors: a fun two-player game to secure your knowledge of factors

Super maths bowling: choose from a variety of activities and aim for a strike…

Funky Mummy: solve these multiplication problems to make the mummy dance. free to register and they have created weekly packs of activities for years 1-6 - currently setting up maths home learning videos and teaching resources for each year group




Spelling frame: how good is your spelling?  Test yourself against your year group here:

Spooky spellings: a fun game to test your knowledge of the common exception (tricky) words.

Word frog: test your knowledge of word types.

Read theory: complete a range of reading challenges


Super stories: can you select the write language to make these stories into best-sellers?

Myths and legends: make your own myth or legend comic strip.



Science Kids: there are links to games here for every topic we have covered so far in science.  Why not try them to refresh your memory and have some fun…



We are learning about Italy.  Check out these websites to learn more.  You could record some of what you’ve learned in your work book.


Current affairs

Newsround: don’t forget to keep up with the latest news here every day.