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Message from Chair of Governors


Please read latest letter regarding schools opening

Please read latest letter regarding schools opening


Letter from Steve Wilson, Marriott's Chair of Governors

Letter from Steve Wilson
Marriott’s Chair of Governors

Opening School to Selected Years

Dear Parents,
As you will have heard on the news, the government is asking schools to open on the 1st June for some year groups, following a full risk assessment being completed by each school.

Marriott’s governing body met last week and again this afternoon to review the school’s risk assessment and it was decided that Marriott would not open to F1, F2, Yr1 or Yr6 on the 1st June. Our aim is to open on Monday 15th June to F1, F2 and Yr1 with Year 6 to start on the 22nd June.

The school has followed the DfE’s most up to date guidance and has completed a risk assessment aimed at reducing the risk of children and staff catching the coronavirus whilst at school and therefore reducing the risk of it spreading into the community.

The government has instructed that classes are divided into groups of 15 children and located in different classrooms, that children do not share resources and a distance between desks is maintained. The school has to ensure that the children remain with their group throughout the day, this includes break-times and lunchtimes. Parents are not to be allowed on school premises but children to be collected by staff at the school gates with different start and finish times for each year group. To prevent the threat of infection, areas of the school premises need to be cleaned throughout the day and children directed to wash their hands on a very regular basis.

The risk assessment identified 4 key areas that need to be addressed before the school can re-open to an increased number of children. The re-location of F2 and Yr1 classes to key stage 1 and 2 classrooms, the installation of extra hand washing facilities throughout the school grounds, the temporary office secured from the rest of the school and the relocation of the first aid room and disabled toilet to another part of the school; due to the building works on the office extension being incomplete.

Having reviewed the risk assessment, the governing body came to the decision that Marriott should not open at this point but wait until the 4 key areas have been completed. I hope you are reassured that the health and safety of the children, parents and staff is of the utmost importance to the school’s governing body and to the leadership team at Marriott.

We will ensure the correct policies and procedures are put in place, before we extend the number of children and adults attending Marriott, but we cannot give a guarantee that any child or adult will not come into contact with someone who may have the virus.

We will be in touch with you nearer to the 15th June to confirm arrangements.

The school will continue to be open to vulnerable and key worker children.

Thank you again

Steve Wilson
Chairperson of Marriott’s Governing Body

Letter from Mrs S Crichton

Dear Parents/Carers,

I know there has been lot of talk in the press, concerning the reopening of schools and that   many parents are extremely worried about sending their children back to school at this  moment in time.

We are currently completing an in-depth risk assessment, in close consultation with our          governing body and the local authority, looking at what needs to be done before we can plan   to safely open Marriott to the years identified by the government.

The safety of your child/ren, the community and the staff at Marriott is our number one            priority and the outcome of the risk assessment will inform our next steps.


The Governing Body will be meeting early next week, after which I will be in touch to

let you know what has been decided.

Please stay safe and well

Mrs S Crichton