Our vision and core values

  • We are determined that every child who attends Marriott Primary will have a happy and enriching experience and develop a life-long love of learning.
  • From their start in our F1 base, through to their final year with us in Year 6 there will be a relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning.
  • We are determined that all our children make good or better than expected progress in reading, writing and numeracy.
  • We will ensure that all our staff are trained and equipped to teach to a high standard and are passionate about our children’s successes.
  • We will strive to ensure that our children leave Marriott with resilience, determination and the necessary social and emotional skills to make a successful transition to secondary school and beyond.
  • We intend that our children will go onto higher education and into the world of work and achieve their full potential.

To achieve our aims therefore there will be:

  • a constant focus on quality first teaching with a ‘no excuse’ policy
  • a highly competent and trained teaching and support staff equipped with the relevant skills and expertise necessary for children to succeed
  • a tailored CPD programme linked to the needs of the staff and outlined in the school’s Development Plan
  • a comprehensive tracking system that identifies children’s/group’s progress and gaps in learning
  • a day-to-day focus on assessment for learning, ensuring that work and pace of learning is set at exactly the right level
  • a marking system that enables our learners to achieve at an accelerated pace
  • an exciting, relevant and inspiring curriculum that supports a healthy mind and healthy body
  • an excellent SEND support system catering for those children with additional needs


At Marriott Primary School we believe in the concept of lifelong learning. Adults and children learn new things every day. Learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone. We believe that people learn best in different ways.

At our school we provide a rich and varied learning environment that allows children to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential.

We provide an inclusive education through varied teaching styles, appropriate learning objectives and by the use of a range of access strategies that will overcome potential barriers to learning.

There is a culture of high expectations of all staff and children. Teachers demonstrate a commitment to every learner’s success. Children are encouraged to ask questions and are listened to. Feelings and opinions are included, valued and children feel secure. Through an active and relevant curriculum all children are engaged in learning.

Home and community involvement is encouraged in all aspects of school life.