Special Education Needs and Disabilities

What do we mean by Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)?

Children and young people who have special educational needs (SEN) do not necessarily have a disability and some disabled children and young people do not have special educational needs. There is, however, a significant overlap in the two groups.


What we mean by SEND?

The term special educational needs (SEN) has a legal definition which is set out in the Education Act 1996. It applies to children who have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it significantly harder for them to learn or access education than most other children of their age.


The term SEN covers a wide range of types of need including:

  • specific learning difficulties;
  • moderate learning difficulties;
  • speech, language and communication needs;
  • behavioural, emotional and social difficulties;
  • autistic spectrum conditions;
  • visual and hearing impairment;
  • physical disability,
  • multi-sensory impairment
  • profound and multiple learning difficulties.


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