Year 1 Knowledge Organisers

Year 1 PSHE Autumn 1.2_Family and friends
Year 1 PSHE Autumn 1.1_Beginning and belonging
Year 1 PSHE Autumn 1.2_Family and friends
Year 1 PSHE Autumn 2.1_SRE
Year 1 PSHE Autumn 2.2_Working together
Year 1 PSHE Spring 1_Healthy Lifestyles
Year 1 PSHE Spring 2_Economic wellbeing
Year 1 PSHE Summer 1 _Right, rules and responsibilites
Year 1 PSHE Summer 2_Managing safety and risk

Year 2 Knowledge Organisers

Year 2_Autumn 1.1_My emotions
Year 2_Autumn 1.2_Diversity and communities
Year 2_Autumn 2.1_Anti bullying Dojo
Year 2_Autumn 2.2_Personal safety Dojo
Year 2_Spring 1_SRE
Year 2_Spring 2_Digital lifestyles DOJO
Year 2_Summer 1_Drug education
Year 2_Summer 2_Managing change

Year 3 Knowledge Organisers

Year 3_Autumn 1.1_Beginning and belonging
Year 3_Autumn 1.2. Friends and Family
Year 3_Autumn 2.1_ How and why we keep clean
Year 3_Autumn 2.2_Working together
Year 3_Spring 1_Diversity and Communities
Year 3_Spring 2_Managing safety and risk
Year 3_Summer 1_Rights, rules and responsibilities
Year 3_Summer 2_Digital Lifestyles

Year 4 Knowledge Organisers

Year 4_Autumn 1.2_Anti-bullying
Year 4_Autumn 2.1_SRE
Year 4_Autumn 2.2_Healthy Lifetsyles
Year 4_Spring 1_Financial capability
Year 4_Summer 1_Personal safety
Year 4_Spring 2_Drug education
Year 4_Summer 2_Managing change

Year 5 Knowledge Organisers

Year 5_Autumn 1.1_Beginning and Belonging
Year 5_Autumn 1.2_Rights and responsibilities
Year 5_Autumn 2.2_Anti bullying
Year 5_Autumn 2.2_SRE
Year 5_Spring 1_Online identity
Year 5_Spring 2_Working Together
Year 5_Summer 2_My emotions.

Year 6 Knowledge Organisers

Year 6 Autumn 1.1 Family and friends
Year 6_Autumn 1.2_Diversity and communities pdf
Year 6_Autumn 2.1_Managing Risk
Year 6_Autumn 2.2_Healthy Lifestyle
Year 6_Autumn 2.2_Managing change
Year 6_Spring .1_SRE
Year 6_Spring 2_SRE
Year 6_Summer 1_Drugs
Year 6_Summer 2_Financial Capabilities